If you have received your admission letter, the very first step to do afterwards is to apply for the accommodation in Germany. “Studentenwerk” or “student administration” is responsible for the accommodation of your university in most of the cases. As an international student you can find the link of “Studentenwerk” at website of your university or you can search for the term “Studentenwerk [Name of your university]”. Student Administration offers different types of accommodation having various facilities for the students. Here are some of the commonly offered types. It is important to know, all types of accommodation offered by student administration so that you can select the one best suited for you.

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Single room

Under this type of accommodation every student has a separate room, whereas the kitchen and washrooms are shared. The number of students sharing common places may vary from hostel to hostel. These are usually the most economical type of student accommodation.

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Single room apartment

Some hostel buildings have single room apartments. Every student has a room, a kitchen and a washroom. Single room apartment is expensive than the single room accommodation type.

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Shared apartment (WG)

Shared apartment is also very common in Germany and is called “Wohngemeinschaft” or simply “WG”, where an apartment is shared among the students (usually 2-4) so that every student has a separate room whereas the kitchen and washroom is shared.

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Apartments for families with and without kids

Some universities also provide the option to the students to stay with the families. Such family apartments are of different sizes and one can apply for such apartments if certain requirements are fulfilled. Student hostel rooms are usually furnished and have some additional facilities as well. Additional facilities include internet access, laundry rooms, car parking space, bicycle stand, table tennis room etc. After selecting the most suitable type of accommodation, you can apply for the same. Application form can be found on the website of student administration. It is possible to apply for 1 or more hostels. Application to multiple hostels is recommended, if it is possible to apply for multiple hostels. One can also check the address of university campus to the nearest student hostel and prioritize the applications.