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German Universities

International students can choose between various types of higher education institutions in Germany. There are two main types of such higher education institutions; Universities and Universities of Applied Sciences. Universities: Universities offer a wide range of subjects, primarily teach theoretical knowledge and focus research. Universities of Applied Sciences: Universities of applied sciences offer practical oriented studies. Their emphasis is on the application rather than on the theory. Universities in Germany usually have two intakes every year. Winter intake or winter semester starts in September/October every year. This is major intake, where admissions are offered in almost all bachelor and master programs in Germany. Every German public university has a different deadline. Deadlines for German public universities start in January of same year and last date of application for some universities is 15th July. Summer intake or summer semester in German public universities starts in March/April every year. This intake is very limited. Only few bachelors program in German public universities have intake in summer semester. For summer semester in German public universities, international students can still find sufficient programs to which they can apply. Deadlines for summer semester starts in July of previous year and last deadline is 15th January of same year. International students are encouraged to apply as soon as possible at public universities in Germany as the application process is time consuming and usually consists of multiple steps.