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Although Germany has quite stable health care system, demand of nursing is still at all time high and is expected to increase even further. More and more people are getting closer to an age, where they require professional care from young nursing staff having different levels of professional experience. Currently more than 40000 nursing positions are vacant in Germany. To fill this gap and meet the market demand, Germany, has started different programs through which nursing staff from different countries can come to Germany and contribute to German health care system. There are certain requirements that the foreign qualified nurses must fulfill, in order to be eligible to work as a nurse in Germany. Foreign qualified nurses must apply for the recognition of their nursing qualification in Germany. Every state in Germany has an independent authority that is responsible for the recognition of foreign nursing qualification. Therefore, it is important to get familiar with the recognition process and requirements of every state and then apply in a state of your choice. After you have applied for the recognition of your nursing qualification, the responsible authority will evaluate your qualification and will compare it with the qualification standard in that state. Recognition process may result in one of the following outcomes.
o Foreign nursing qualification is considered equivalent with the German nursing qualification
o Foreign nursing qualification is not considered equivalent with the German nursing qualification If the foreign nursing qualification is not recognized, it is possible to take an assessment test or go through adaption period, where you have the opportunity to prove that you have the equivalent knowledge. Another important requirement is the knowledge of German language. Since German language is widely spoken language in Germany, it is mandatory to have a decent level of German language with the help of which it is possible to communicate with people in German language. Usually, B1 or B2 level of German language is required for this. Mental and physical health as well as personal suitability is also required and must be proved with the help of official documents. If you would like to enroll yourself in German language courses or need assistance in the recognition process of your foreign nursing qualification, book a consultation hour to discuss your queries in detail and create a plan for successful entry into German health care system as a nurse.