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Medicine in Germany

Germany is a great place to study medicine in public universities. International students can study medicine in Germany without paying any tuition fee. There are more than 30 universities that offer international students to medicine in Germany. Medicine can be studied only in German language and duration of medicine in Germany is around 6 to 6.5 years. 5% of available seats in German universities are reserved for international applicants. To study medicine in Germany, one can apply either in summer semester or winter semester. However, not all German public universities have both intakes. The application process, requirements and deadlines for international students varies from one university to another. Admission in medicine in Germany is very competitive and depends not only on the excellent academic qualification, rather multiple other factors. If you are interested in studying medicine in Germany but the complicated admission process is demotivating you, get your assessment . done by our experts now and ensure that you are familiar with the requirements and application process and fulfill these in time, to save your valuable time and secure your place to study medicine in Germany An overview of medicine study in most German universities is provided in the following table.

No. Phase Duration Exam
1 Preclinical Study 2 year (4 semesters) Oral & Written
2 Clinical Study 3 year (6 semester) Written
3 Practice Year 1 year Oral & Written