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Bank Account

One of the important visa requirements for Germany is to provide a proof of sufficient financial means for living in Germany. One way to fulfill this requirement is through the blocked bank account. Following types of visas may require the proof of having blocked bank account o Student Visa o Language course visa o Visa for recognition of qualification o Job seeker visa o Ausbildung There are different banks and financial institution that offer this service of blocked bank account. Blocked bank account can be opened by following these steps. o Select the most suitable bank/financial institution o Submit your (online) application for opening blocked bank account o Bank/financial institution reviews your application and informs you about the blocked bank account details o Transfer the required amount in your blocked bank account o Upon receiving the transferred amount, bank/financial institution confirms it and issues a confirmation document that can be used for visa application. The complete bank account process can be completed within 1-2 weeks, depending on the selected bank/financial institution. If you are not familiar with the banks and financial institutions offering these services, avail our bank account services for a smooth and quick processing of this important and critical step. The scope of our bank account services are explained this page