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Residence Permit

Student visa issued from home country is usually for 3 - 6 months. Once the student has arrived in Germany the German student visa issued from home country has to be converted into residence permit. There are certain requirements of getting residence permit [Aufenthaltserlaubnis]. These requirements are mentioned on the website of office responsible for this. There are different names of this office in different areas. To locate this office search for Ausländerbehörde/ Landratsamt/ Ausländeramt [Name of your city]. The website of responsible authorities will provide a list of required documents for getting residence permit. The list of required documents may vary in different locations. Following documents are usually requested from international students. However, the list may vary depending on the responsible authorities of area.
• Passport
• Recent Biometric passport photo
• Evidence of financial arrangements to cover your stay in Germany (Statement of blocked bank account)
• Proof of sufficient living space (Contract of accommodation)
• Proof of health Insurance
• University Enrollment certificate (Studienbescheinigung) The website will also provide information about how to get appointment for getting residence permit in the city. International students may visit Ausländerbehörde directly or they may have to book an appointment either via online portal or by calling on the provided number. In some cities it is important to take someone (who can speak German language) with you.