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Credit Transfer

It is possible for international students to transfer their credits from a university in home country to a German public university. Credit transfer in a German public university is possible in bachelor or master degree. In order for international student to apply for credit transfer in a German public university, international students must apply for admission in higher semester of desired degree program. Admission in higher semesters is usually possible in winter semester as well as in summer semester. It is important to mention in the application form that you are applying for higher semester rather than the first semester. Once the admission in higher semester has been granted, international students must enroll themselves at the university. At the time of admission letter, it is not confirmed to which higher semester admission has been granted. After the enrollment has been done at the university, students must apply for the recognition of their studied subjects / credit hours. This recognition of studied subjects has to be applied at the university so that university can evaluate the studied subjects and check, if the studied subjects should be recognized or not. While applying for the recognition, it is important to provide course outline of the subjects that you would like to apply for. During the evaluation process university compares the course outline of subjects you have studied in the home country to the course outline of subjects taught in the German public university. If the course outline matches, the university can recognize the subject. University may also consider the grades you have acquired in those subjects. If the grades in the applied subjects are lower, university may not recognize these subjects. Depending on the number of recognized subjects, one may start higher semester of the degree program. After the completion of degree, one gets the bachelor or master degree from the German public university. If one gets bachelor degree from a German public university, it is possible for international students to either apply for a job or apply for the master degree.