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Student visa requirements for Germany varies from region to region. Starting from getting an appointment for German student visa interview to the required documents, one may have to follow different procedures. The information about the complete visa process is provided on the embassy/consulate of Germany in your region. As getting an appointment for German student visa may take 6 months or longer, it is important to inform oneself about the German student visa appointment system and requirements well in advance so that one can complete all the documentation required for the visa interview.Main requirements for German student visa are mentioned below

  • Confirmed admission letter OR conditional admission OR Foundation Course / Studienkolleg admission (private or public)
  • Proof of sufficient financial means. This can be fulfilled in different ways.
    Blocked bank account with one of the banks in Germany. Students are required to open a
    • blocked bank account with one of the banks in Germany and deposit 10000 – 11000 Euros in blocked bank account, depending on the region
    • Formal Obligation Letter (Verpflichtungserklärung) from someone in Germany. Blood relationship with sponsor from Germany is not mandatory
    • Proof of scholarship
  • Students may be asked to write a motivation letter during the visa interview.
    Please note that there are some common requirements like, valid passport, biometric photograph, academic documents etc. of applicant. For complete list, check the website of German embassy / consulate responsible for your region.
    If you would like assistance in understanding the requirements of German student visa in your region, book a <a href=””>consultation hour
    </a>. and let us help you in understanding all the requirements of your region and prepare all the required documentation.
    Visa requirements for Ausbildung and job seekers are mentioned on their respective pages.