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What are admission requirements for bachelor degree in Germany?

Admission requirements for bachelor degree in Germany depends on the schooling curriculum. There are some schooling curriculums which enable the international students to start bachelor degree directly in Germany, whereas there are some other schooling curriculums, which do not provide access to start bachelor degree in Germany. If you are not sure about, whether you are eligible to apply for bachelor degree or not, get your assessment done now.

What is School Leaving certificate?

School leaving certificate is the certificate that enables you to start a bachelor degree in your home country. This is issued after the completion of your schooling. Examples of school leaving certificates are A level certificate, Higher Secondary School Certificate (HSSC), Senior School Certificate Examination etc.

What is conditional admission letter?

International students have to fulfill certain conditions/requirements to get admission in a German university. If one or more conditions/requirements are not fulfilled, university may issue a conditional admission letter. Students have to fulfill the missing conditions in order to be eligible to enroll themselves for the applied program.

If an applicant fulfills the academic requirements but not the language requirements, then university may issue a conditional admission letter mentioning the missing conditions, which the applicant has to fulfill before he/she starts degree program.

Can I get a conditional admission letter?

Not every university issue a conditional admission letter. If one or more conditions are not fulfilled, most of the universities reject the applications.

If the school leaving certificate of an applicant is not considered equivalent to German school leaving certificate, then university may issue a conditional admission letter which means once applicant has made the qualification equivalent to German school leaving certificate, applicant can enroll himself/herself at the university in the desired program.

What is Foundation Course/ Studienkolleg?

Studienkolleg is a 1-year program designed for applicants from certain countries, whose school leaving certificate is not equivalent to German school leaving certificate. Applicants from such countries can attend Studienkolleg to become eligible to apply for admission in bachelor degree in German public universities.

Can I complete foundation course / Studienkolleg in English language?

Foundation course can only be completed in German language. Foundation course is not offered in English language.

How and where should I apply for Studienkolleg?

In order to apply for Studeinkolleg, one must apply for bachelor degree at a university. The university will evaluate application and will determine, if the applicant requires Studienkolleg or not. In case applicant has to attend Studienkolleg, university will forward the application to the Studienkolleg associated with it. Separate application at Studienkolleg is not required by the applicant.

Do I need to learn German language, if my bachelor degree is in English language?

If bachelor degree is in English language and you qualify for bachelor degree directly (without Studienkolleg), then you do not need to learn German language in order to get admission. However, learning German language is very beneficial for daily life in Germany and in getting student jobs. You can learn A1 and A2 levels of German language from our youtube channel Germany4Students [Link of Youtube Channel] for free.

Can I study English taught bachelor program after completion of Studienkolleg?

Yes, it is possible to study for the English taught bachelor programs after the completion of Studienkolleg. In this case English language requirements for the programs, you are interested in must be fulfilled.

What level of German language is required for bachelor degree programs in Germany?

If you apply for English taught bachelor degree and you can get admission directly, then usually no German language certificate is required. If you are interested in doing Studienkolleg, then you have to learn B1/B2 level of German language.

I have studied A Level; can I attend Foundation course?

Foundation course is meant for students from the curriculum who are not eligible for direct admission in bachelor degree. British curriculum students have to fulfill the requirements set for British curriculum and get direct admission.